Python for CGI scripting

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Tue Aug 6 10:04:08 CEST 2002

Dale Strickland-Clark <dale at> wrote in
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>>Doing it this way lets you keep the Python process completely separate
>>from the Apache server (even to run it on a separate machine if you
>>wish) and gives you freedom to run multiple python processes with
>>simple load balancing if that should become necessary.
> Are you trying to scare me?

No, just spoil you for choice. :-)

Seriously though, it depends on just how high traffic you envisage, and 
while YAGNI is the best principle it also helps to avoid boxing yourself 
into a corner unnecessarily. I have been looking a bit at using ZServer 
separate from Zope as I think that gives a very nice base for doing web 
applications. CherryPy, mentioned in another post is a similar idea, 
although I have no direct experience of it.

If you simply run CGI scripts in a long running process, do you want to 
allow communication between separate scripts? What about holding session 
state, or sharing database connections? Maybe these things are important to 
you, maybe not.

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