Web application framework. Which one?

Max M maxm at mxm.dk
Wed Aug 28 08:39:42 CEST 2002

Mahesh Padmanabhan wrote:

> I am hoping that people with real world experience could help me out
> in choosing the correct combination in terms of my needs for:
> Stability/Reliability, Speed, Scalability and Ease of Development
> (strictly in that order). 
> This project has a tight deadline of about 3 months.
> This site will get maybe 10-20 simultaneous hits but that number could
> rise exponentially based on popularity.
> 1) Zope
> 2) Webware
> 3) Skunkweb
> 4) mod_python ( not really a web framework )
> 5) Quixote

I don't know your project and I don't your level of competence so it's 
hard to give specific advice.

But however much I love Zope I would probably rule it out for a big 
project with a tight deadline. Zope is great, but has a steep learning 
curve for a largish project.

If you want to develop in Zope you really should make some small 
projects in it first. Zope can easily handle large projects so that is 
not the problem. you just need to learn how a smaller step at a time.

But of those mentioned it is my impression that something like Webware 
is the most traditional, and could get you on the way quickly. You will 
need to do more yourself, but you won't suddenly stop because you don't 
understand a part of the technology framework.

regards Max M

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