Question about Python threads

Artur Biesiadowski abies at
Thu Aug 29 04:38:32 EDT 2002

Patricia Shanahan wrote:

> No it does not, if the caches maintain coherence among themselves.

I cannot discuss it further without making fool of myself. If they are 
guaranteed to mainain full coherence, including no possibility of 
unordered reads (a=0; b=0; a=1; b=1; is it guaranteed that no processor 
will see a==0 and b==1 ?) and behave correctly if given info is in cache 
of one processor and not in cache of another one (they go to cache, not 
to main memory for real data), all this stuff without presence of 
read/write barriers - then indeed it is not a problem. I doubt that they 
work this way without any barriers/flushes. Yes, I know that previously 
I was talking about flush only, not barriers. You have a links, please 
go there - I'm already at point where I have crossed my line of competence.


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