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Wed Aug 7 08:57:06 CEST 2002

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> Very nice mr Hogg!  And funny too, I had a laugh here when HAL
> appeared.  More please!

Glad to be of service. I had a KnightRider gag too, but I removed it at the
last minute ;-)

> A question:
> You use sys.stdout.write('\x08') to backspace.  Do you know the values
> for 'line up' and others?  Do you have a www link for those values,
> are they just ASCII or something?

It's just the ASCII backspace character. I used to know all of the ASCII
control characters off by heart once, but I can't recall many now. I
remember that '\x07' is BELL - I use that one often. I have a small program
called 'beep' whose sole purpose is to output a single BELL character. I use
this to notify me when something is done in the shell so I can switch away
and work in another window, e.g.:

    % make all ; beep

I'm sure if you do a google on "ASCII control characters" you'll turn up a
table somewhere.


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