Pyrex praise (repeat)

Mike Rovner mike at
Tue Aug 6 18:49:05 CEST 2002

"François Pinard" <pinard at> wrote in message
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> A final point, which looks important to me, is that any good wrapping of a
> pre-existing C library is best done while giving a Python flavour to the
> interface, would it be only for a nicer and natural object orientation.

That is completely true.
Pyrex is my language of choice for wrapping pretty complex set of C
interfaces written in a totally not-OO style in a nifty OO Python interface.
I choose Pyrex for that very reasons Francois described. It gave me total
control and uniformity of my program.
The only small addition I made is handling array of structures and I believe
that soon can be handled inside Pyrex itself. Greg is doing very good job.

Mike Rovner

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