Writing Class Browser etc for Python

Bernhard Glück jglueck at vol.at
Wed Aug 7 09:46:04 EDT 2002


I am currently investigating if i can implement Python2.2 as our
primary scripting language for our new application/multimedia
architecture. I am Python newbie, so please bear with me ( I am only
concerned with the API for Extending/Embedding Python in C/C++ )

I need to know if and how it would be possible to write some sort of
class browser in C++.

In our architecture there are only "Actor" classes which "do
something" in the world. All classes derive from this base class in
C++. Now i want to extend this class hierarchy with python classes so
that it is allowed to derive from any Actor derived C++ class in
Python too. This should not be a real problem. However  all Actor
derived classes need to be inspected and instantiated in our Editor
tool. Having a class browser of the C++ classes is very easy with out
RTTI Type system , however now i also need to know ALL Python classes
currently in memory which derive directly or indirectly from the C++
Actor, as well as know their methods and variables.

How can i achieve this using the Python C API ? Or is it possible ? 
Or should i search for another scripting language?
Thanks in advance.

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