How your company think about python?

Mauro mauro at
Sun Aug 18 22:39:05 CEST 2002


    When I start in Python, I try to apresentate to my boss and to a
colleague of work, but thy said: "Python is an language for
Children... It's not an serious language". In my work we use CA Visual
Objects as language and SQL e DBase as data bank tech.
    I thought: "I'm starting a failed technology...". But I said to me
same that I will do something good with it.  Searching in the web I
found a lot of cool things about Python and still developed by Python.

    So I think that Python can be an alternative technology of
development to do applications too good lik powered by C/C++, VB, PHP
easier than techs, describled before or integrating with it. Try to
make a short projecct and use Python to build it. I will see de
advantages that you will win...


Mauro Navarro Baraldi
mauro at

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