TIOBE; defintion of rating index.

James J. Besemer jb at cascade-sys.com
Thu Aug 15 13:48:31 CEST 2002

GerritM wrote:

> The criteria we use are quite simple. Take a
> language related with computers and search in Google on +"<language>
> programming". This results in all hits of pages where the publisher sees
> this <language> as programming related.

Your friend should consider using the method Larry Wall used to
substantiate growth of PERL usage.  Larry confined his search
to a list dedicated to hiring computer programmers.

With the names of some of the programming languages, I bet Goggle
yields all sorts of hits unrelated to computer programming.
E.g., I think "basic programming" appears in my Tivo's cable lineup options.

It'd be great to see data like this that was credible.


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