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Andres Rosado arosado at softhome.net
Mon Aug 5 20:32:11 EDT 2002

At 09:26 PM 8/2/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>Clearly, minimalism can be taken to a ridiculous extreme.  But, I still fail
>to see what problem adding switch-case syntax fixes.  It is certainly not
>more compact than a dictionary approach AFAIKT, and it is (arguably) no 
>so why add more sugar here?
>(Then again, I am fond of table (dictionary)-driven constructs because
>they are, IMHO, much more maintainable and clear than the equivalent
>in-line implementations... I'm a wee bit biased)

I'm quite new to programming in Python and this puzzled me. Could you give 
me an example of using dictionaries instead of switch?

Thank you very much!

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