Create a instance of Python Class in C++?

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> Arivazhagan wrote in comp.lang.python:
> > Hi
> >
> > Do any one know how to use a class defined in python in C++? Is it
> > possible?
> Call it with PyObject_CallObject. Get access to the class using
> PyObject_GetAttr, once you have its module object.

Or, in Boost.Python v2,

    double use(object some_class)
        // Make an instance of some_class
        object inst = some_class(3, "hello");

        // set an attribute
        inst.attr("x") = 2;

        // call a method: inst.method_name(42)
        object result = instance.attr("method_name")(42);

        // Get the C++ value out
        return extract<double>(result);


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