is so simple that is not in a module <wink>

Andreas Kostyrka andreas at
Mon Aug 5 10:38:49 CEST 2002

Am Mit, 2002-07-24 um 15.14 schrieb Gerard A.W. Vreeswijk:
> Chris Liechti wrote:
> > is so simple that is not in a module <wink>:
> Amazing that such a thing can be done in merely 12 (twelve) lines of
> code.    I've tried it and it works (of course), thanks to Python (I
> guess) and Chris.
Actually, if you need it for debugging, you might also
consider sys.settrace. It makes for a bit more complicated code, but it
can instrumentize your whole program at once.
(My module is 162 lines, so I won't post it to the list. If
you are interested I can send it in private mail.)


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