path var ?

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Aug 5 09:57:15 EDT 2002

Will Stuyvesant wrote:
> "Jonas Geiregat" <kemu at> wrote:
> > what now
> > username var's or system var's and what to add ?
> Do username var's (or else you are changing things for other users too
> on that computer, if there are other users defined you see them on the
> blue screen when you turn the computer on, where you have to click
> your username `to start' (typical M$ <:-).
> Now find the PATH Entry box, click in it, press the End key and type
> ;C:\Python22<Enter>
> If your username var's section does not have a PATH entry already then
> click on the New button and create one.
> Next you have to click on the Apply button if there is one and next on
> an Ok button too if there is one.

A trivial matter, but you don't actually have to click on Apply buttons
if you are planning to click on Okay right away.  Generally Apply means
"apply the changes now but leave the dialog open" while Okay means
"apply the changes now and close the dialog".


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