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Terry Hancock hancock at
Sun Aug 4 00:34:10 EDT 2002

On this topic -- I've been looking for a way to get a rendered
web page as an image in a Python script.  It doesn't necessarily
have to be Python-based -- I can use html2ps on the commandline,
for example. But, I'd like something that used Gecko/Mozilla,
so that pages will be rendered more correctly (html2ps is pretty
out of date, and many pages render poorly or not at all).  Is
there a way to do this with any of these projects or components?

I've tried various Google searches for this, but I haven't
found anything yet. I have the impression relatively few
people want to use it this way, so it isn't "well advertised",
though it seems like the capability must exist (I mean, this
is basically what Gecko does, right? -- except that the image
is just used on screen).  I realize that I can use an image
grabber with Mozilla itself, but the idea is to do it inside
a script without X.

From: amutch at (Andrew Mutch)
> Not sure how this relates to Python but K-Meleon is not dead. We are
> actively developing. The news on the front page is a bit misleading.
> "Clark C . Evans" <cce at> wrote in message
> news:<mailman.1028069976.12868.python-list at>...
> > Hello.  I was wondering if anyone is actively working or has
> > developed a python wrapper for mozilla, preferably with wxpython?
> > I see a few "related" projects that appear to be abandoned:
> > 
> >   -
> >   -
> >   -
> >   -
> > 
> > To related projects which appear to be active:
> > 
> >   -
> >   -


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