How your company think about python?

Gerhard Häring gerhard.haering at
Sun Aug 18 23:03:07 CEST 2002

* Mauro <mauro at> [2002-08-18 13:39 -0700]:
> Hi...
> When I start in Python, I try to apresentate to my boss and to a
> colleague of work, but thy said: "Python is an language for
> Children... It's not an serious language".

Talk about clueless people.

> In my work we use CA Visual Objects as language and SQL e DBase as
> data bank tech.

Visual Basic, Centura, Java, C#, lots of Oracle here. But I'm currently
doing the first project in Python. That required some social
engineering, but in the end my killer argument was that Python will
allow me to deliver on time, while that'd be doubtful with %$!}=%%$ like
VB6, and even with Java/C#. It's a backend process interfacing with an
Oracle database which is on an "ambitious" *cough* schedule. That's why
I absolutely wanted to do this in Python. And finally, I got my wish :-)

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