Are most programmers male?

James J. Besemer jb at
Tue Aug 13 07:38:05 EDT 2002

Carl Banks wrote:

> First, let me say that I think "balance" is relatively unimportant.
> The important thing is that people are free to pursue their own
> interests, without interference from cultural prejudices.

I agree 100%.

A lot of commercial and political organizations have invested a lot
of energy into creating and maintaining 'diversity' for diversity's sake.
In the US some organizations still persist in hiring lesser qualified
people in order to meet some artificial diversity quota.  This is hosed
though some still persist in doing it.

Now there's nothing wrong with diversity (all other things equal,
it's a plus).  But it does not necessarily help fulfill any of the
organizational objectives (other than diversity requirements for
their own sake).

People should be free to pursue whatever life they want.

Organizations should be free to hire whatever individuals are
best qualified for the job.

Race, gender, age -- diversity generally -- should not be a
consideration at all (unless there's evidence of actual
discrimination against a duly protected group).


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