Could Python supplant Java?

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> On Mon, 19 Aug 2002 12:12:57 GMT, Tim Tyler <tim at> wrote:
>>In Gerhard Häring <gerhard.haering at> wrote:
>>>> [...] built-in language support for multi-threading... Will python add
>>>> it in future? Something like "synchronize:"?
>>> Dunno. My guess is that this won't happen, as Java's syntax sugar for
>>> multithreading doesn't make it particularly flexible in multithreading
>>> environments, IMO.
>>I've never heard synchronisation described as "syntax sugar" before.
> What about Tcl/Tk?
> You can tie in C or C++ with Tcl/Tk if you want "strong" syntax
> checking in C or C++ parts with the 'glue' of Tcl/Tk? [...]

If you use Python, and I believe the same is true for Tcl, Perl, Ruby, etc.
then you'll normally only use lower-level languages like C or even C++ if
you _need_ to. There are normally only two reasons for doing so:

1) interfacing libraries
2) performance

I have no idea what you mean with using C or C++ for "strong syntax
checking", as any compiler/interpreter will check the syntax for you. If
you mean statical typing, then yes, C++ is one option. I cannot imagine why
anyone would use C unless it's necessary :-)

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