import types fails

Greg Fortune lists at
Fri Aug 23 17:26:57 CEST 2002

That's really cool :)  Unfortunately, the call into QThread's run method 
(which is where everything is dying) is a C module call and the python that 
gets executed by that library call does not get traced.  Thus, I can't see 
anything about the environment in which the import fails 'cause it's all 
wrapped up by the QThread.

Does that mean I need to trace it in gdb? Icky...  ;o)

btw, the -vv didn't help for the same reason that the blackbox code didn't 
work.  And thanks for posting that.. My news server never did get Tim's 

Greg Fortune

Richie Hindle wrote:

> Greg,
> [Tim Peters]
>> First run python with -vv and stare at the output.  With the -vv switch,
>> Python displays a detailed account of (among other things) how imports
>> get satisfied.
> If that doesn't help, you could use the "Black box recorder" module
> I posted recently to get a trace of each line of Python code
> executed.  The last line of the log will be the line that caused the
> hang (possibly a call into a C module).

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