Web application framework. Which one?

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.net
Wed Aug 28 11:25:19 CEST 2002

Mahesh Padmanabhan <news at nospam.eml.cc> wrote in message news:<87k7mcjb0k.fsf at nospam.eml.cc>...
> Hi,
> I love programming in Python. I came across a golden opportunity to
> develop a web site where I get to choose the technology.
> I was thinking of using a combination of Apache, Python and
> PostgreSQL.

I expect that I'm not the only one reading this who is envious of your
position. ;-)

> I know that choice is good, but I seem to have too many of them with
> regards to a web development framework using Python!

For the "full" selection, see this page:


Unfortunately, many of the choices will remain available to you with
respect to the technologies you want to use. ;-) However, the summary
should help you get a feel for what each framework is like.

> I am hoping that people with real world experience could help me out
> in choosing the correct combination in terms of my needs for:
> Stability/Reliability, Speed, Scalability and Ease of Development
> (strictly in that order). 
> This project has a tight deadline of about 3 months.

Good luck! Regardless of whatever you eventually decide to evaluate or
use, it would be great if you could contribute some of your
experiences to the above Web site, thus helping to make the decisions
of others who follow in your footsteps somewhat easier.


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