Could Python supplant Java?

Nick Ruisi n_ruisi at
Tue Aug 27 13:02:39 CEST 2002

At my job, having to program in the M$ world is an accepted evil. If I 
have to write M$ code, I prefer C#. When mono matures, I'll look foward 
to using it on linux. That's all I'm saying.

T. Max Devlin wrote:

> In, I heard Nick Ruisi say:
>>.net compiled code can run on linux with the mono CLR 
>>( One can use the mono tool kit to write / 
>>compile .Net code on a linux box, without ever touching a microsoft 
>>product.  The compiler and SDK for C# and VB.Net is a free (albeit 
>>large) download. Although I don't like VB.Net as a language, C# is fine. 
>>It's just like java.
> So why bother?

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