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> Hi all,
> I maintain software for a LAN of different systems which
> all need to use Python (among other packages). It sometimes
> happens that I need to compile on a particular "least common
> denominator" machine, even though it isn't my regular
> development machine.
> For Python, I'm wondering if I can safely run
> ./configure [ ... options ... ]
> make
> on the compiling machine, and run
> make install
> on my regular machine (because of the way the NFS mounts
> are set up, this is much more convenient).
> In other words, does "make install" actually compile
> anything or otherwise do CPU-sensitive stuff. Both
> machines will typically be running Unix or Linux.
> I suppose this might be generally true, but I'm asking
> specifically about Python. Looking briefly at the
> Makefile suggests that I'm okay to do this.

The configure utility is explicitly designed to capture information about
the environment in which it is run (and therefore, it presumes, under which
both the build *and* the install will run). Consequently, if the two
environments aren't *exactly* the same, you might expect to run into
problems. Unfortunately you don't say much about the two environments, so
the best advice is probably :"suck it and see".

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