SHOULD Python supplant Java?

d2002xx d2002xx at
Fri Aug 23 07:00:30 EDT 2002

> Paddy <paddy3118 at> wrote:
> Or Perl? or vice versa?

Nooo! no perl, never! Its code looks ugly...

> I think not.

me too.

> There are a few projects out there that allow a mixing of languages
> which I personally think is the best way to go.
> Things like the inline module of Perl on CPAN; the SWIG wrapper for
> wrapping c/c++ code for use in Perl/Python/TK; Jython and thoughts
> of implementing other languages in Perl6s Parrot intermediate code.
> These all allow you to use software written in one language from
> another language. Maybe it will evolve into a me being able to
> choose the language that I want to write my 'System level' software
> in but being able to choose to use modules written in various
> languages - the Verilog parser written in Perl, directed graph
> visualization from C++, embedded in an overall Mozilla gecko user
> interface creating summary charts using a Java Applet.
> I would want to choose the software IP on functionality knowing that
> they could all work together in my application.
> I wouldn't want one language to win out over another but would like
> languages to allow me 
>   a wider choice of IP than that written in its language.

Ya, I do agree with you at all, but .. you know there is *.advocacy. I
don't know about other people, at least I just come for fun
(argue&flame :) and learning english, nothing else.

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