How to parse over a Python expr?

Erik Max Francis max at
Fri Aug 30 19:41:56 EDT 2002

Stefan Franke wrote:

> I had a quick glance at the empy source. Am I going right that
> Parser.scanComplex() does that thing?

That's correct.

> That function looks if
> it could be fooled by triple-quoted strings, e.g. this one:
> ''' here's ')]" an evil "string '''
> (Excuse my ignorance if this is handled elsewhere..)

Hmm, you're right.  I didn't take into account the corner case where a
triple-quoted string contains single-quoted strings.  Thanks for
catching that.  (Fortunately, it's a rare occurrence that has certainly
never happened in the field -- you'd have to do a triple-quoted string,
then a single quoted one, _then_ an unbalanced close parenthesis.)

> However, it shouldn't be a big deal to handle this case
> correctly.


> My question was more aiming at if not Python itself
> could be used for the parsing work..

I figured, but I thought I'd mention the quick-and-dirty way out first.

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