ANN: PyANT v0.24 released

erellon erellon at
Sat Aug 31 13:44:19 EDT 2002

  PyANT version v0.24 is available for download at
	- Added new task: ScriptTask. Support for build file scripting (at
	- Fixed some possible bugs with attributes assigning
	- Now PyANT license defined, it's BSD like license so it's free even
for using with commercial applications, see docs/license.
	- improved PyANT distribution creating, now it's not needed to set
version  string in three files, only one file changed that's for
was written

(please do not take CVS snapshot, can't keep it in sync for now, bu I
hope to update it later)

Best Regards,
  Ivan V. Begtin (erellon at

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