Question about Python threads

Daniel Dittmar daniel at
Wed Aug 21 20:46:19 CEST 2002

Mr. Neutron wrote:
> I have written threaded programs with Python and it works great. I am
> really impressed with Python so far. Now my problem is I have a Dual
> P2450. I want to write a program on it that takes advantage of both CPUs.
> My understanding of SMP is that threads are distributed on the CPUs by
> the kernel, so threads can be executing on both CPUs at once. This is
> exactly what I want to do,l as I have processes I want to run on them
> in threads. I am comfortable with using threads, it isn't the problem.
> It is my interpretation of how Python operates in threads on multiple
> CPUs at the same time that is bothering me. Or really my understanding of
> how Python threads work.

or search google for "Python GIL" (Global Interpreter Lock)


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