So utterly confused w/ various XML libraries

Robb Shecter rs at
Mon Aug 5 23:09:37 CEST 2002

Hi all,

Can someone point me to a FAQ, or better yet sketch out a mindmap of the 
various python XML implementations, and how they relate? :-)

- Which ones are parts of which
- Which ones are drop-in replacements for the standard distributions
- Which ones are known to be (speed) improvements over the standard dist.

In my case, we're doing SOAP programming (Using Activestate's 
distribution of PxXML 0.7.)  But receiving even trivial data is too slow 
to be useful, and the profiler shows all the time spent in "".

And I've seen various pieces of advice like, "Go get 
sgmlop/minidom/cdomlette".  But I don't know how PyXML relates to any of 
these, of PyExpat, or even why I need it...

Any help is appreciated!

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