Interesting comments about Py on LT

Fearless Freep joconnor at
Wed Aug 7 13:20:21 EDT 2002

> Oh please. Python is a nice language and all, and has its uses, but it
> doesn't yet come close to filling Java's shoes

So what? Java doesn't yet come close to filling Python's shoes.  They
are languages with different design goals and work better or worse in
a different set of environments based on what they were intended to
do.  I certainly wouldn't bother using Java in places that I use

Wisdom is to use the tool most suited for the job.

In my tool box at the ready I have bash (awk, grep, etc...), Python
and Smalltalk as the main tools, with C on hand for special cases.  In
places where I would consider Python, Smalltalk usually doesn't make
sense, and vice versa.  Requirements dictate the environment and the
requirements and environment suggest the best tool.

So far I haven't found an environment where Java is the right tool 
*shrug*  So what?

Take care,

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