Graham's spam filter

Richie Hindle richie at
Fri Aug 23 12:34:35 CEST 2002


> Thanks, dude!

<aol>Me too.<aol>  I was one of a million people who started their
own implementation of Graham's ideas, but this means I can get
on with the rest of it (see below).  Many thanks to the people
who contributed to this!

My implementation of all this is a POP3 proxy.  It loads up and
then sits between email clients and a POP3 server, adding
X-Bayes-Score headers as emails are retreived.  You then set up
your email client (Forte Agent in my case) to filter according to
that header.  This means it only needs to load the database once,
and it can work on your local PC - there's no need for access to
any of the mail processing systems.  It doesn't attempt to
automate the process of updating the database - you do that by
hand using the script from the URL above.

It's 90% there - I'll be releasing the code in a few days' time,
but if anyone wants a sneak preview, drop me an email.


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