Naming class instances in real time

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Wed Aug 14 20:29:53 CEST 2002

Steve Holden wrote:

> Pay no attention to the effbot's brusqueness, its advice is usually
> sound(er than mine). I suspect all the implementation work on regular
> expressions has soured its outlook a little.
> Of course, even if you *weren't* aware of what everyone else does,
> that's no reason not to do it yourself if it works.

frankly, there's no excuse for not knowing what everyone else does
when you use Python.  Python comes with the source code for 100s
of modules, and most of that code is quite readable.  And if that's not
enough, there are 1000s of Python-powered software packages out

My advice to newcomers is to read more code than you write.


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