I'd like to learn Python

Thomas Holtzer aida.kensuke at gmx.net
Mon Aug 12 13:54:02 EDT 2002

> I really like Lutz, Mark and David Ascher.  Learning Python.  O'Reilly.
> 1999.  There may be a later edition.

I read this book with a lot of QuickBasic and quite good VisualBasic
experience (althoug I could hardly write something decent in QuickBasic
anymore ;) ). I had also read something about C and wrote a little. At that
time I couldn't have written a C-program anymore (you probably know how fast
you forget programming stuff when you're 15 and full of other things ;) ),
but I knew the structures and principles quite well.
And with this knowlegde as a base to learn Python, this book is excellent. I
really recommend it if you have written easier stuff before (like Basic,
Pascal, ...) and are familiar with C.
In fact, to refresh my knowledge of the language, I'm going to get that book
from the library once more ;)


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