Being forced into VB.NET...can Python code be used in this framework?

Larry Wright larry.tami at
Wed Aug 7 14:16:13 CEST 2002

IIRC (and I may not ;) ), there are problems with the CLR supporting weakly 
typed language languages like Python and Perl. I think there is optimism 
this will be fixed in the future, but breath-holding would not be advised 
here. ActiveState does have Visual Python, which allows you to use Visual 
Studio .NET as your IDE, but it doesn't allow you to use the CLR or the 
.NET framework.

Neil Hodgson wrote:

> Gabe:
>> 2) to see if there's anyway (yet) to create code in Python that can be
>> used in the .NET framework (please oh please oh please).
>    Mark Hammond worked on Python for .NET but I don't think there has been
> any progress recently.
>    Neil

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