tkinter or wxpython?

Russell E. Owen owen at nospam.invalid
Wed Aug 14 18:43:47 CEST 2002

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 "Andrew M" <stopviequesbombing at> wrote:

>I am an experienced programmer (C++, VB, HTML, Perl), and while learning
>Python I came across a problem! For GUI (Graphical User Interface) design,
>should I use the classic Tkinter or wxPython?
> Also, I was looking at the book Python and Tkinter Programming and was
>skeptical. Does anyone have an opinion on this particular book?

I've been happy with Tkinter. It has some frustrating lack of 
consistency in places, but overall I find it powerful and easy to use. 
The Canvas and Text widgets are particularly impressive.

Python and Tkinter programming has some weaknesses, but is useful. You 
might check out my site for some 
Tkinter info, including pointers to a nice on-line site and a good Tk 

-- Russell

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