Python embedded - linking problem on Linux - trying again

Kim Petersen kp at
Mon Aug 12 16:37:36 CEST 2002

Gerhard Häring wrote:
> In article <3D57BD22.8090305 at>, Kim Petersen wrote:
>>When creating an embedded python in an RM/Cobol-85 interpretor, i have the
>>following problem:
>>It seems that i have to link all the modules (the .so's) that i need with the
>>new dynamic link library, isn't it at all possible to make it (the python
>>embedded interpretor) just find the .so's like the regular interpretor does?
> What is your problem?
> If it is finding which libraries to link against when embedding Python, does
> this FAQTS entry help?

unfortunatly not ;(

My problem is that i'm embedding - not extending. And when doing so, i 
miss the references to the dynamic linked modules (like 
_unless_ i specifically link them with the new .so (the embedded 
interpretor) - from my point of view i cannot understand why the 
embedded python doesn't look at the running standard interpretors path 
and setup - and use those modules (just like it does with the .py[c] 

What i do at the moment is to just add all the .so's in lib-dynload to 
the linking process - but this doesn't capture all the .so's that are in 
site-python (and will never do so - since these may have been installed 
later than my compilation of the embedded interpretor)

Hopefully this clears up my question a bit?

> Gerhard

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