status of decompyle ?

Andreas Leitgeb Andreas.Leitgeb at
Wed Aug 28 18:32:03 CEST 2002

Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote:
>> I wrote an email to the author about a month ago, but got
>> no reply. (Maybe, my mail was just too dumb - I can't tell.)
> Why not try posting your inquiry here?
It wasn't really an inquiry, rather a remark of form:
 "... The binary distribution of program pysol 4.80 comes with 
   several .pyc-files, which I tried to decompyle ..." 
along with the exact error-messages, and the offer to assist
further if he wants me to help find the bug.

>  The authors of each Python utility can't be expected to provide 
> personalized tech support for everyone, without pay. ...
To make it complete, the version of decompyle was a beta-version,
and the author was asking for feedback, which I provided to him,
but didn't get any "ACK"-like reply or anything else.

Thus, my question to the group was just plain:
  "Does anyone know about the current status of decompyle ?"

For the rest: 100% ACK & agree.

PS: having had a look at his website, I assumed he'd know
  German, so my feedback was actually in German language ...

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