A Free Idea: Search Engine for Webpages

Roman Suzi rnd at onego.ru
Sun Aug 25 15:30:41 CEST 2002

On 24 Aug 2002, Serge Boiko wrote:

>Thomas Guettler <pan-newsreader at thomas-guettler.de> writes:
>> you need to modifiy the original page and put a mark after each word.
>Absolutely, that is why I think about small web-server, which works on
>a localhost's free port, you only have to point your browser there and it 
>displays the modified web-page.

It could as well be HTTP proxy. For example, WWWOFFLE already
can do some HTML-mangling. So, why not add yet another feature.

>> > I would love to do it myself, but I'm about to finish my PhD thesis; so
>> > I have no chance. If anyone is interested to accomplish such a project I
>> > would be happy. Or maybe it's already done? Then I would be happy to

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