Could Python supplant Java?

James J. Besemer jb at
Fri Aug 23 14:48:46 CEST 2002

"Bo M. Maryniuck" wrote:

> O.K. I want ASK
> AGAIN: do the same with C/C++ (30-40 lines of *NORMAL*, not obfuscated code)
> and mail it source in this list. Will see.

I hope I'm not committing a crime by doing this but here ya go bunkie:

     /*     efdtt.c     Author:  Charles M. Hannum
     <root at>             */
     /*     Thanks to Phil Carmody <fatphil at> for additional
     tweaks.    */
     /*     Length:  434 bytes (excluding unnecessary
     newlines)                 */
     /*     Usage is:  cat title-key scrambled.vob | efdtt
     >clear.vob           */

     #define m(i)(x[i]^s[i+84])<<
     unsigned char




Also I since read that this solution decodes much faster than real-time while the
Perl solution is "jerky" to say the least.


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