runtime-info about a function-object

Michael Hudson mwh at
Mon Aug 19 18:33:09 CEST 2002

Andreas.Leitgeb at (Andreas Leitgeb) writes:

> >>> def f(x,y,z=someobj,*arg,**dict): pass
> ...
> >>> f
> <function f at 0x8167bb4>
> Is it possible to request info about function-object "f",
>  especially about the number/name/defaults of arguments
>  that f accepts ?

Yes, the inspect module can do this.  I suggest you read it's
documentation (see


  Make this IDLE version 0.8.  (We have to skip 0.7 because that 
  was a CNRI release in a corner of the basement of a government 
  building on a planet circling Aldebaran.)
                             -- Guido Van Rossum, in a checkin comment

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