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Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Aug 6 06:36:06 CEST 2002

Siegfried Gonzi wrote:
[ in response to suggestions to hold off learning C in favour of Python]
> Have to beg differ. I once red a comment (I think it was in a German
> newsgroup) from a 42 old developer (who wanted just to become a hobby
> programmer on Linux) that he found it much more straightforward to
> program in C than in Python. Note he was at that time a beginner and
> searched for help a few weeks ago in that specific newsgroup whether he
> should learn C or Python or Perl or Pascal or ... He wrote that
> everything in C makes sense to him.
> I did not follow the comments in the following but the post surprised me
> that one finds C more easily to grasp than Python, especially when he is
> a novice in programming.

I've met people like this.  Without exception, they have been old hands
at hardware, and understand things like bytes and clock cycles and such,
but they know next to nothing about software.  Most of the time they even
seem to find Assembly attractive, but what after all is C but Assembly 
with braces?  :)


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