Gratitude due to Red Hat? More work for the PBF?

Mark McEahern marklists at
Tue Aug 20 14:36:52 CEST 2002

[Steve Holden]
> I'm a little hesitant to say this, but today (while, of all things,
> putting a sales proposal together) I realised that my attitude to
> the "Red Hat comes with 1.5.2" question has now altered. When
> considering a hosting environment I am happy to *exclude* any
> company who can only offer 1.5.2, as they are clearly not serious
> about supporting the language environment. This is a positive thing,
> as supporting Python isn't yet a common enough skill to be available
> from the Interlands and the like.

I think I understand your sentiment.  I have only have one useful anecdote
to offer.  We had a client who wanted a very small project.  They already
had a web host for their domain.  This host was fairly cheap (~$20/month).
The host offered Perl and was very helpful about adding Perl modules.  But
the host was not interested in installing Python.

In that scenario, I couldn't simply exclude the client or the host.  We
wanted the business.  And the host was not our choice.

That's where mxCGIPython came in real handy:


// mark


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