Date Conversion problem: Date == 2079/12/31

Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Aug 20 01:20:14 CEST 2002

"Bradley D. Larson" wrote:
> I have been using Python to supplement an MRP called Fourth Shift
> with great success until now....
> Fourth Shift utilizes 2079/12/31 as the "end of time" for items that
> do not expire.  Unfortunately the python "time" lib does not handle
> this date.  I have attempted to convert the date to something else
> in the sql call (eg. to_date(out_date,'YYYYMMDD')) but this does
> not appear to be supported in the Fourth Shift ODBC/DB calls.

Where were the developers of that product 3 years ago?  Did they
really miss the whole Y2K thing?  Or did they just learn nothing
from the whole sorry episode?  It's sad, really...


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