Could Python supplant Java?

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Thu Aug 22 13:17:16 CEST 2002

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>> Actually, there are developer tools that come with Windows.  
> name one that comes with windows.

Well, you can write scripts for the Windows Script Host. I don't have a 
clean out-of-the-box system to check on, but I'm pretty sure this gives you  
VB script and Javascript by default with other languages pluggable (the 
Microsoft site says Perl, TCL, REXX and Python).

Also you can write .CMD files. Not a very pleasant programming language, 
but a lot more powerful than the old DOS batch files.
>>>2. No proper scripting environment to do nightly
>>>build & test cycles (cron'd to run at midnight).
>> Gee, guess the scheduler and such are all in my imagination.   Ever
>> tried the AT command?  No, didn't think so.
> there IS a scheduler, I never said that there wasn't, however
> there is NO scripting (read the above again, the word is *script*)
> facility
Presumably none of vbscript, jscript or batch files come under your 
definition of *script*.

Also, note that it is pretty hard to buy a Windows system without some 
other software installed. Applications such as Word or Excel come with 
their own development tools as many virus writers have discovered.

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