Python and Sockets,

Andrew Markebo flognat at
Fri Aug 2 22:19:10 CEST 2002

Doesn't Tk provide you with an idle-callback or similar where you can
place your code to be done when nothing happens, this is run quite
often, and there you can sniff the socket, and so on.


/ John J Breen <jbreen at> wrote:
|     Hey all,
|             I am writing a program in Pygtk that also has a Python/TK
| component. I need these two components to be able to communicate with
| one another through a third component written in python. I would like to
| use sockets to send information back and forth, but am running into some
| trouble. The components may be sending information at any time so I need
| to the sockets to be able to listen/send at any time. I cant have a loop
| for listening because that would keep the user from sending events to
| either the gtk or TK interface. Someone suggested _createfilehandler but
| Im not sure what that is... Does anyone have any suggestions for such a
| problem?
| J

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