The troubles with pythonwin

Gerson Kurz moc.q-dnan-p at
Fri Aug 2 06:57:51 CEST 2002

On Fri, 02 Aug 2002 01:14:58 GMT, "Neil Hodgson"
<nhodgson at> wrote:

>   It is actually default Windows behaviour for the application to receive a
>CR when Shift+Enter typed. As you are the second person to have a problem
>with this, Scintilla has a new default key assignment that makes Shift+Enter
>the same as Enter. Scintilla's behaviour here only occurs if the application
>doesn't process this key combination. Since version 1.47 was released
>yesterday, it may be a while before the change appears in a release and this
>filters through to applications.

I downloaded scite 1.47 and tried it - but it still works the old way.
Can you please tell me how to enable that new feature? Do I have to
change some settings first?

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