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Chris Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Wed Aug 28 18:28:32 CEST 2002

polux wrote:

> (i'm a newbie)
> what's wxpython??

wxPython is a GUI toolkit. It a a set of Python Wrappers around the C++
platform independent application framework wxWindows:


Remember that Python is a language, not a complete programming
enviroment, like Delphi or VB. Like any language, you need an
appropriate library to develop GUI programs on any given system. There
is no offical, native Python GUI toolkit, although tkinter is close, as
it comes as part of the standard distribution. That is mostly an
historical artifact, as tkinter was the first GUI toolkit for python
mature enough for inclusion, rather than a statement that it is the best
choice in any way.

Many of us prefer wxPython to tk. Other options include: PyQT, PyGTK,
FoxPy, etc.

The TK Canvas is one of tkinter's greatest strengths. However, if you
want to draw simple graphic objedts to the screen without the overhead
of a full blown object canvas, you'd be better off with wxPython and the
raw device context. It even has an optimization for drawing lots of
lines and points (see wxDC.DrawPointList() )

wxPython has a very helpful users community. Be sure to sign up for the
mailing list, and check out the wiki (see the main web page for details)


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