Keyboard problem within PythonWin

Bernard Delmée bdelmee at
Wed Aug 21 14:15:11 EDT 2002

> > My keyboard layout is belgian, if it matters...
>    It does...
>    You can try commenting out the definition of '.' in the default.cfg
> will be found somewhere like
> #.                 = KeyDot
>    This change will disable autocompletion though.

Thank you very much, Neil: that was it. I've bound autocompletion
to alt-space, so nothing's lost, really. I did not even know that
was available! That .cfg file is definitely worth a look.

>    A resource I just found which is useful when chasing these problems is
> Microsoft page which can show the keyboard layouts for various languages
> those of us with US keyboards can emulate other locales:
>    I expect Bernard is using the Belgian French layout.

I am, and I have no idea what MS calls a Belgian(comma) kbd;
that's got to be Belgian Dutch. BTW, at the above url lives a
rare example of something actually useful coded in javascript...

>    Does anyone know of an interactive keyboard layout application showing
> the current layout and the effects of the modifier keys as you hold them
> down like the Mac has had forever?

So did BeOS, but I know that's not helpful; sorry.

Thanks again -both for this quick answer and the nice scintilla/scite
pair- and regards,


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