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> Phillip B. Buggs wrote:
> > I am using a program called Blender that allows python scripting
> > within it.
> > I need to load the FMOD sound library, but when I try to load and
> > utilize the FMOD library I get an error message saying:
> >
> > ImportError: dynamic module does not define init function (initfmod)
> this is your problem, you are trying to use a normal "C" dll library
> python. you can only "import" normal python files, and special python
> libraries. what you need is a "python wrapper", which is a special library
> that makes the normal FMOD functions work in python. i currently don't
> think there is a wrapper for FMOD, which means you won't be able to use
> FMOD from python.
> as an alternative, you might be able to use pygame. pygame has a couple
> modules for playing sounds, music, and audio cds. depending on what you
> need to do, pygame might also be overkill?

There's also the "calldll" module, which give you enough rope to shoot
yourself in the foot, so to speak. It should allow you to call an arbitrary
DLL function if you know the interface.

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