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Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Aug 6 22:48:08 EDT 2002

Kyle Babich wrote:

> I would rather be devoted to one or two languages than know a little
> bit of everything and a lot of nothing.  I think python is the future

It's never a good idea, especially with computers, to bet on *anything*
either being or not being "the future".  You'll be wrong far, far more
often than you're right about that, so don't bet on it.  In this case,
use Python now, while it is active, and be prepared (though I hate to
think this might happen) to move to something else in the future.
Don't expect it's effective to last for you for long enough to be 
"marketable" in ten years when you're graduating though...

> Right now it seems like python's only downfall is also one 
> of it's advantages- the simple structure.  

I can't imagine how simple structure could be considered a downfall.
Isn't that an inherently good thing?

> Either way, I think python is for me.

I've programmed since I was a little past ten, so almost 25 years,
and I feel the same way, but I definitely don't regret the long
experience over many different languages, although I feel somewhat
annoyed that no one shoved Python under my nose five years ago and
waved their hand and used their Jedi mind powers on me:

  "You don't need Java.  Python is the language you want to use."


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