need help with py2exe

brobbins333 at brobbins333 at
Sun Aug 18 17:34:16 CEST 2002

I'm not having any luck getting py2exe to work by following the
directions that are given on the web site. Here is the setup script:


	from distutils.core import setup
	import py2exe

	setup(name = "pfactors", scripts = [""])

Running this with <python py2exe> produces an error. The
module contains only one line of code, which raises the
exception, and the comment:

	#this module has been replaced by build_exe

When I run after after modifying it to import build_exe, an
"illegal command" exception is raised. py2exe is apparently not a
valid argument. Can anyone tell me how to get this working?

I have installed the latest version of py2exe and am running it with
Python 2.1 on Win98.


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