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Chris Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Tue Aug 27 20:49:07 CEST 2002

polux wrote:
> I'd like commands like point(10,10) or something like this to trace a
> point on the scree like with old langages like BASIC

I"ve put together a package that does that kind of thing. It's probably
overkill for what you need, but has a lot of nifty features:

Arbitrary Floating Point Coordinates
Double Buffered
Zoomable and Scrollable

It requires wxPython and Numeric

The FloatCanvas module provides a wxPython control that can be imbedded
in a wxPython application. I've also written a small wrapper application
that provides a really easy way to just draw stuff to the screen. All
you need to do is create a draw function that draws what you want, and
overwrite the App's draw function before starting it.

You can get it from:

Feel free to pepper me with questions...

Here's a simple example, there is a longer one in the DrawApp module.

def draw(self):
    Canvas = self.Canvas
    Canvas.AddRectangle(50,35,100,65,FillColor    = "Red")

import DrawApp

## DrawApp.Draw is replaced by the one you just defined above:      
DrawApp.DrawApp.Draw = draw
## DrawApp is started:

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