Are most programmers male?

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>My wife and I and most of our friends (all radical Liberals at the time)
>certainly did not wish to impress any societal prejudices on our children.
>Nevertheless, they all turned out to fit the stereotypes.  It was amazing to
>see these traditional behaviors emerge unexpectedly as if pre-programmed in
>tiny babies.  There are amazing differences early on simply from individual
>to individual but the differences between boys and girls is even more

<snort>  And just how did you remove the societal bias?  Tell ya what:
rear a kid as the opposite gender from physical sex, making sure that
*nobody* knows this fact, and maybe, just maybe I'll start to believe
you.  But before you start, make sure to read _As Nature Made Him_, by
John Colapinto; it's pretty clear from that book that it can be at least
somewhat difficult to erase that knowledge, and we therefore know too
damn little about the nature/nurture debate to make *any* statements
about it.
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