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hwlgw at hotmail.com (Will Stuyvesant) wrote in
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> You use sys.stdout.write('\x08') to backspace.  Do you know the values
> for 'line up' and others?  Do you have a www link for those values,
> are they just ASCII or something?

that is terminal depenant... the backspace and tab chars act the same on 
most terminals, even on primitives.

if you're on windows... forget it (it's possibly with ansy.sys and possibly 
other ways, but...)
on linux you can use terminal escape sequences in a console. VT52 and VT102 
codes should be understood by most consoles.

on this page you can find manuals of real hardware terminals:
i.e. start here http://vt100.net/docs/vt102-ug/chapter5.html#S5.5
for the concrete escape sequences.


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